Ensure you are Open for Everyone.

Manitoba has laws to improve accessibility.  By November 1, 2018, if your business or non-profit organization has at least one employee, you must meet the Customer Service Standard.

Businesses include shops, restaurants, hotels, legal, healthcare and other professional services etc.

Non-profit organizations include charities, unions, places of worship, community organizations and member associations etc.

One out of every six Manitobans face challenges with accessibility.

To offer great customer service and to comply with Manitoba’s accessibility laws, address barriers that prevent customers from receiving service:

  • meet the communication needs of customers, clients or members
  • allow assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers and oxygen tanks
  • welcome support people, who are there to assist
  • welcome people with service animals
  • ensure accessibility is maintained as intended (ramps, wide aisles, removal of clutter)
  • let customers know when accessible features and services are not available
  • invite customers to provide feedback
  • train staff on accessible customer service, including reasonable accommodations under The Human Rights Code (Manitoba)

If you have 20 or more employees you must provide public notice that information about your compliance with the Customer Service Standard is available upon request, including:

  1. measures, policies and practices
  2. training policy, including a summary of the content of the training and when the training is to be provided.

The notice must be displayed in a prominent way on the premises and on the organization's website, or through another reasonable means.  If a person with a disability requests the documentation, the organization must provide it

  1. in a manner that takes into account the barrier; and
  2. within a reasonable time and at no cost to the person.

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Workshops on Customer Service policies and practices

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Resources on the Customer Service Standard

  • Employers' Handbook on Accessible Customer Service (PDF) (Word)
  • Sample Accessible Customer Service Policy (PDF) (Word)
  • Checklist: The Accessibility Standard for Customer Service (PDF) (Word)
  • Tips for Employees on Accessible Customer Service (PDF) (Word)
  • FAQ's about the Customer Service Standard (Word)


Tools to support accessibility

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