a. Communications Checklist

Budget Impact
Write in plain language, which is easier for all readers to understand.      
Produce a master document in a text template (Example: WORD document, not a PDF) as the basis for all other formats. Include a text description of visuals or charts.;  
Budget will vary according to the needs of the users.
Keep a master document for future large print or text format requests. The resources section of this manual also has website links to suppliers.      
Include the “active offer” on all publications (Example: “Available in alternate formats upon request.”).      
Consult accessibility coordinator to learn about alternate formats and local suppliers for other formats requested.      
Ensure staff who interact with the public have information and training in how to communicate with people who have speech and language disabilities in face-to face and telephone interactions..      

b. Meeting and Event Planning Checklist

Budget Impact
Facility Factors
Consult disability organizations about what to consider when selecting accessible venues     Budget will vary according to the needs of the users.
Facility entrance equipped with automatic door      
Accessible path to meeting room      
Public elevators with accessible control panel buttons and audio floor indicators      
Water fountain at accessible height      
Accessible eating facilities      
Braille or large print menus      
Public telephones at accessible height      
Dietary requirements can be met      
Meeting Rooms
Space for note–takers, captioning equipment,ASL, interpreters      
Seating for hearing impaired people near the interpreters/captioners/computerized note–takers      
Low noise level in meeting rooms      
Infrared or looping system      
Visual alarm system      
Getting to the Event
Accessible parking      
Accessible public transportation      
Funds to reimburse Handi–transit      
Alternate Formats Available
Documents written in plain language      
Printed material available in Braille, large print, audiotape, DVD or CD (on request)      
Description of visual presentations      
Display the communication access symbol      
Event Promotion
Printed publicity material includes disability icons      
Ask participants to identify specific accommodation and dietary needs      
Description of visual presentations      
Send out agenda ahead of time      
Accommodations (available on request)
People to greet and help participants with disabilities at the event      
Signs or staff to direct participants to meeting room      
Infrared or looping system      
Computerized note–taking services      
Real–time captioning      
Attendant services (for personal needs, hygiene)      
Sign language interpretation      
Audio systems      
Assistive listening devices      
Intervener services      
Dietary Requirements
Beverages served with bendable straws, lightweight cups      
Signs or staff to direct participants to meeting room      
Vegetarian meals or snacks available