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Manitoba Accessibility Awards

The Manitoba Accessibility Awards recognizes leaders in our communities who have shown their commitment to accessibility and inclusion for all Manitobans, especially those who experience accessibility barriers.

The Manitoba government plans to celebrate the awards every two-years, by including the Manitoba Accessibility Awards as part of community-based awards programs.

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Nominate an organization for a
Manitoba Accessibility Award

Celebrate Manitoba Businesses and Organizations Accessibility Achievements.

Do you know a Manitoba business or organization that has removed barriers experienced by people with disabilities? Share their achievements and recognize those businesses helping to make our province more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Nominate a deserving business or organization for a Manitoba Accessibility Award. Self-nominations are also welcome.

About the Awards

The 2018 Independent Report on the Effectiveness of the Implementation of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act recommended introducing accessibility awards as an incentive program for business and organizations to encourage their compliance of the act.

Acting on these recommendations, the Manitoba Accessibility Office began to research effective ways to use awards to promote accessibility. Today the awards raise awareness to the efforts and achievements Manitoba businesses and organizations have made to become more accessible to all.

The Manitoba government launched the Manitoba Accessibility Awards virtually, December 3, 2020, during a webinar to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Important Deadlines

Check back for dates.

Categories of Awards

  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • Urban Non-Profit
  • Rural Non-Profit
  • Small Municipality
  • Large Municipality

Nomination Requirements

Awards are available to

  1. Businesses, such as shops, restaurants and hotels and legal, healthcare and other professional services.
  2. Non-profit organizations, such as charities, unions and places of worship.
  3. Large and small municipalities.


  • Nominees must operate and provide customer service in Manitoba.
  • Organizations and businesses must have at least one employee.

Submit Your Nomination

Check back for information on the nomination process.

Selection Committee

The Manitoba Accessibility Awards selection committee is made up of representatives from organizations that serve Manitobans with disabilities. It also includes people familiar with a broad range of businesses and non-profit organizations located in both urban and rural Manitoba.

The Manitoba government provides the selection committee with secretarial support, but is not involved in selecting award winners.

Award Recipients




Award suspended due to COVID-19


Award suspended due to COVID-19

  • Large business: Winnipeg Airports Authority, Winnipeg
  • Small business: Red Apple, Stonewall
  • Urban non-profit organization: Gateway Church, Winnipeg
  • Rural non-profit: Woodlands Pioneer Museum, Woodlands
  • Large municipality: City of Selkirk
  • Small municipality: Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach

Manitoba Accessibility Awards - General Information

Manitoba Accessibility Fund Intake 2022

City of Selkirk Receives the 2020 Manitoba Accessibility Award for Large Municipalities

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