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The Manitoba Accessibility Office offers accessibility training through our Online Learning Portal.

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Learning Portal

This free training online is available anytime from anywhere. All courses are presented in plain language and include content to explain the requirements of each of the standards. You will find examples on how to achieve compliance, tips for best practices and other useful resources.

Upon successful completion of a module, you will receive a certificate of completion. Certificates can be used to show completed training, provided to employers and used by employers to track employee progress.

Access the Learning Portal

Is your business or organization interested in including our modules as a part of your business or organization's internal Learning Management System?

The Online Learning Portal features downloadable standard-specific modules that can be used within your organization's internal Learning Management System.

Modules are available for download to all Manitoba businesses and organizations at no cost.

Each organization must accept a Terms of Use agreement prior to gaining access to be able to download the learning modules.

Access the Learning Portal to create a profile and download courses today.

NOTE: The Manitoba Accessibility Office recently refresh this new website. If your organization had downloaded online learning modules prior to March 1, 2023, you will be required to re-download the most current versions of these learning modules and update your learning system.

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